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We have our basements......

Quality is only possible, if any enterprise subject act according own principles.
According to the realization of those principle you should judge us:

Moellmann enterprise principles for 2006

1. Partnership cooperation between employees, customers and production partners create the foundation of our enterprise.

2. We know about the connections between motivation, qualification and enterprise success. We promote our employees in the area of the education and further education and we involve our employees in the complete success.

3. Our customers are partners for us and decide on the success of our enterprise: We must solve the problems and wishes of our customers, we must develop new products with our customers and partners and we have to optimze available items in that way, so that
more economie, advantages will be created with respect to technical explanation, quality and service.

4. We must be more efficient, flexible and fast than the competition. We must daily prove us and our customers to this claim !

5. Creativity, innovation and our ideas as well as the consistent and professional translation into action secure are our lead and our future!

6. It is our aim to build up a long-term relation to our production partners. Prerequisite for this is quality, delivering service, price and an optimal problem solution!

7. It is our aim to manufacture perfectly and economically as well as to sell professionally and to deliver reliably our products!

8. We are responsible for our environment we live. We want con-shapes to spare our environment, and improve!
Moellmann Industriebeschläge GmbH
Langenberger Straße 147
D-42551 Velbert

T: +49 (0)2051 - 2084 - 0


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