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Quality, which will convince you!

Tooling makers on the spot create simpleand also complex tools for your products corresponding to the machine type. Tool steels are used as usual in Europe.

This happens completely in accordance with your drawings and local norms or specifications. Therefore no standards!

Our tooling makers and productions work hand into hand, so that your product fulfills the technical prerequisites on the end here.

Permanently our technicians in Velbert and on-site in the Moellmann production offices check the expiries and results in accordance with the quality norms of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

Everything result leads into corresponding test reports which we provide you.

On request you get feedback and photos over the inter-stands of the tool engineering.

You have to be updated all the time!

And the best is: The tooling costs form are so advantageously that even small outputs are worth-while.





Moellmann Industriebeschläge GmbH
Langenberger Straße 147
D-42551 Velbert

T: +49 (0)2051 - 2084 - 0


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