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Moellmann extended greatest value on this point from the beginning on and put permanently optimizing for years in Germany and in our Asian branch offices. The Moellmann quality system builds up on 4 columns:

1. Quality Check of Sizes and Dimensions

All products pass through the drawing obtained measure examination both into in our productions, and attaching in Velbert after the delivery to the Germany stock. Our QC-team check modern measuring tools all parts in accordance with AQL and document the result into test reports.
This happens in Velbert both before the shipment to Germany and in front of the storage. This safeguards you and us.

2. Visual and Functional Quality Check
These examinations also get on-site in Asia in our branch offices as carried out also in Velbert. The results also have entranceinto corresponding reports and documentations surely.

3. Raw Material Quality Check

Moellmann goes even check so far used raw materials for the chemical composition as one ofa few fitting manufacturers.
We use the spektrographic analyzis to do that and make on request materials analysis protocols.
We can analyze following materials:

- stainless steel (all variants)
- aluminum
- zinc die-casting

4. Special Quality Checks

In case that your products of special examining criteria which go laboratory supported are subject we cooperate with an international analytic laboratiries. These regularly are into our proximity (also in Asia).

You therefore get on request

- chemical analyses

- surfaces analyses of

also other test certificates of your products available, if you wish it.

Moellmann Industriebeschläge GmbH
Langenberger Straße 147
D-42551 Velbert

T: +49 (0)2051 - 2084 - 0


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